Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Cathy Meadows, M. A., Clinical Psychology

Pulling Wings off Butterflies-How the Denigration of Women Will Bring the Apocalypse
"Upon the Shoulders of these Frail Caryotids the Entire Future of Mankind Depends"

Paraphrased: Woman are going to save mankind this time around but they won't do it by moving into the world of men, or by taking on men's jobs, or by doing what men have always done within the civilization that men have built . They will show another way and take humanity into a completely new direction.


---The quote above and the paraphrased sentence that follows it, and the rest of the concepts in this work, are taken from a thin, paperback book I read over 40 years ago. It was in a cardboard box with about 10 other books that a friend was getting ready to throw out. She asked me if I wanted anything in the box and this is one of the books that I picked out. I don't remember anything about the others I picked out, even though I read them. It wasn't on the best-seller's list and neither was the author and I don't remember the title of the book or the author's name, but I have looked for it since, without luck. I knew, however, that it's contents portended the truth and I still believe that to be so.---

What I'm going to say will be unpopular in some circles, specifically in those circles where the exploitation of women and children is particularly profitable.  It no longer matters whether I'm popular or not; not at this point.  Measurements in Hawaii of atmospheric, carbon dioxide show that the carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere are higher then they've been in 650,000 years or more and some scientists say that they're higher then they've been in millions of years.  Humans have never survived levels this high.  Tornados a mile wide are ripping through the heartland of America and tornadic activity has doubled since the 1950's, and even though some don't believe this has to do with fossil fuels in the atmosphere, there's no denying the direct correlation between the use of fossil fuels and global warming.  The glaciers seem to be disappearing all-together.  In 1910 when President Taft created National Glacier Park in Montana there were an estimated 150 glaciers.  At last count there were 30 and it's predicted they will be gone in 30 years or less, and the snow-covered mountain peaks aren't as snow-covered anymore, are they?  I could go on and on with statistics and the like but I think you get the idea.  We are hurtling towards doom and, at this point, getting hit with an asteroid might be a mercy killing.   I don't want to be a bummer but the shit's about to hit the fan.  It's time to grow up.

Now, I know you're wondering what this has to do with the feminine aspects, and with spiritualism.  Let me explain.  There's so much to say that it's hard to know where to begin but I will begin with a concept that everyone can understand.  In our environment, the survival of anything depends on a delicate balance between two opposing forces that are meant to work in unison.  The easiest way to explain this is through the concept of electricity; positive and negative forces working in a perfect balance that creates usable energy.  This balance is seen throughout all of nature.  There's a right side and a left side, an up and a down, a winter and a summer, a night and a day, and a man and a woman.  When either side outbalances the other, the delicate balance between the two is destroyed and the whole thing topples.

In our world, humans are the most powerful forces that exist, besides the forces of nature.  We are even able to control the natural forces to a great extent, unlike any other species.  We are capable of great technologies that now lay at the fingertips of everyone in the western world, and we are capable of perverting and interrupting the delicate balance of nature.  The true nature of the apocalyptic problems that we are seeing today is that the masculine forces are out-balancing the feminine forces.  Now, I don't want you to boil this down to men over-powering women.  I want you to look at this like the positive charges are out-balancing the negative charges and that it's causing a short in the system.  You see, men have feminine attributes and women have masculine attributes so it's not about men and women.  It's about positive and negative aspects (masculine and feminine aspects, respectively) within all of us that should work in perfect balance and have done so for millions of years, until relatively recently.

The masculine (positive) traits that we all possess have to do with asserting ourselves; acting on something; pushing outwards into the world.  The feminine (negative) traits we all possess are simply those traits that have to do with passivity and being at repose; going into ourselves rather then pushing outwards.  To complicate matters even more, both the masculine and feminine traits have a delicate balance inherent within each of them, as well.  For example, from the masculine side, it's good to hunt and/or gather to feed your family but over-hunting and gathering, and taking more then we need, will deplete the environment of sustenance, in time.  From the feminine side, it's good to be at repose and rest and dream.  It's healthy, but if everyone did it all of the time, nothing would get done and we'd all starve to death or die from exposure. 

Importantly, lust for sexual union is a good thing and it brings completion, a feeling of belonging, and peace. and after the aggressive aspects of sexual union are over, we slip into repose and rest.  What a perfect combo of positive and negative forces.  However, too much lust can and does bring obsession, possessiveness, exploitation and violence.  This is an undeniable fact and right now the exploitation of women and children seems to be increasing rapidly, often through pornography, and the internet is making it a world-wide problem.  Let me explain.  You may or may not have realized this but for several days after viewing pornography men do not look at women in the same way.  They tend to be much more abusive towards them and they begin to lower their status.  This has been proven in scientific studies.  Further, the studies tell us that even a mere two hours of porn a week will have this effect.  So, take a guess.  How will this disrespect for the feminine forces  effect the delicate balance between the positive and negative aspects?  Check it out.  Since the internet has been introduced into the world and porn has become widely available, in places like India and in the mid-east, women have been getting raped and abused in public places like on buses and in the streets, and law-enforcement and government have been slow in acting on it.  Why?  Do you think their own porn habits and their loss of respect for the feminine principals have anything to do with it? 

Okay, good so far?  The problem is that with the denigration and loss of respect for the feminine principles, the whole of the negative (negative as in electrical current; not as in "bad") attributes are diminished.  Feminine aspects like compassion, altruism, nurturance, mothering, and sympathy are tossed.  The proverbial baby goes out with the bath-water.  Further, there is some research that shows a direct correlation between the lack of respect for the feminine principles and the lack of respect for our planet, Earth.  During times that women have lost status, we have tended to lose interest in environmental health.  Interesting that our planet is referred to as our mother; that which has given birth to us all.

There are many people who realize the dangers of devaluing the feminine aspects on a personal level (like through porn), and many are realizing the dangers on a social level, as well.  Some are realizing it on a planetary level.  I'm not trying to be a holy roller (God forbid) but denigrating women is denigrating mom and the ultimate mom is Mother Earth, she who has birthed us all. 

We will relearn to respect and revere this great and beautiful mother of ours and we will learn it by first respecting and revering our sisters on this planet.  Our beautiful and delicate sisters and mothers deserve our admiration, protection, and reverence.  Of course, we could always choose death and it does look like mom is about to kill off some of her kids.  She may have to in order to protect her more fragile and innocent offspring like dolphins or whales, or whatever.  So, do you want to kill off civilization?  How do you feel about killing off humanity?  Is it time?  You know, if this greed, and hate, and lust, and suffering continue, I think it's time.  I just hope I'm at ground zero.

Monday, May 13, 2013


                                                    Earth-Based Astrology

Most believe that astrology is based on the positions of the stars and the effect of the stars and planets on Earthlings, but what if the position of the stars was just a calender to indicate to us what was happening on Earth?  In other words,  what if astrology is really earth-based and that our basic personalities spring from what's happening on planet Earth at the time of our birth.

For example, the sign of Aries is associated with the Spring, when the world is germinating and in full bloom.  It is an active time on Earth and anything that has been hibernating is thrown into aggressive action.  Also, it's a time that's associated with reproduction of each species and with birth.  Spring symbolizes that which is newly born onto the Earth and everyone, old and young, looks forward to this high-energy rebirth of the planet with joy in the belief that life will eternally rebirth itself.  It gives us a feeling of hope.  Don't you find it interesting that the astrological symbol of Aries is associated with germination of ideas, aggressive action, reproduction, birth, new beginnings, high-energy, and hope?  Therefore, what if the energies that reflect our persoanlity types are derived from Earth energies at the time of our birth and not from the stars at all?

Personally, I do believe that this is the case and have believed this to be the true explanation of how and why Astrology works.  Further, it does make a little more sense with regards to scientific inquiry.  For example, if you were born during a time of the year when nature was moving aggressively, would it not reflect on your personality?  I think so. 

If you review the personality traits of each of the signs and correlate them with the time of the year in which each of them holds sway then you would find that all of them correlate with Earth changes.  The obvious ones are Aries (Spring), Capricorn (Winter), and Leo (Summer), which can be easily associated with there perspective seasons.  There's no doubt that there is an association between Earth changes and heavenly bodies, however.  For example, the direct rays of the Sun come in the Summer (Sunny Leo), and the loss of those direct rays comes in the winter (morose Capricorn), but while these heavenly bodies do have a direct effect, they are causal.  The actual personality types associated with Astrology are most definitely correlated with what's happening on Planet Earth.

Therefore, the reasons that we might look to the stars with regards to deciphering an individual's personality type might be important, they are only secondary to what our dear planet Earth is communicating to us.  Personally, I would like to see more inquiry into this position so that we may better understand the reasons why astrology works.