Monday, May 13, 2013


                                                    Earth-Based Astrology

Most believe that astrology is based on the positions of the stars and the effect of the stars and planets on Earthlings, but what if the position of the stars was just a calender to indicate to us what was happening on Earth?  In other words,  what if astrology is really earth-based and that our basic personalities spring from what's happening on planet Earth at the time of our birth.

For example, the sign of Aries is associated with the Spring, when the world is germinating and in full bloom.  It is an active time on Earth and anything that has been hibernating is thrown into aggressive action.  Also, it's a time that's associated with reproduction of each species and with birth.  Spring symbolizes that which is newly born onto the Earth and everyone, old and young, looks forward to this high-energy rebirth of the planet with joy in the belief that life will eternally rebirth itself.  It gives us a feeling of hope.  Don't you find it interesting that the astrological symbol of Aries is associated with germination of ideas, aggressive action, reproduction, birth, new beginnings, high-energy, and hope?  Therefore, what if the energies that reflect our persoanlity types are derived from Earth energies at the time of our birth and not from the stars at all?

Personally, I do believe that this is the case and have believed this to be the true explanation of how and why Astrology works.  Further, it does make a little more sense with regards to scientific inquiry.  For example, if you were born during a time of the year when nature was moving aggressively, would it not reflect on your personality?  I think so. 

If you review the personality traits of each of the signs and correlate them with the time of the year in which each of them holds sway then you would find that all of them correlate with Earth changes.  The obvious ones are Aries (Spring), Capricorn (Winter), and Leo (Summer), which can be easily associated with there perspective seasons.  There's no doubt that there is an association between Earth changes and heavenly bodies, however.  For example, the direct rays of the Sun come in the Summer (Sunny Leo), and the loss of those direct rays comes in the winter (morose Capricorn), but while these heavenly bodies do have a direct effect, they are causal.  The actual personality types associated with Astrology are most definitely correlated with what's happening on Planet Earth.

Therefore, the reasons that we might look to the stars with regards to deciphering an individual's personality type might be important, they are only secondary to what our dear planet Earth is communicating to us.  Personally, I would like to see more inquiry into this position so that we may better understand the reasons why astrology works.

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