Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Cathy Meadows, M. A., Clinical Psychology


Disclaimer: Although I feel that ouija boards have been demonized beyond the point of logical thinking, you should know that, in theory, it opens the door and invites the spiritual realm in.  You should be careful what you invite in.

Are Ouija Boards dangerous?  Why yes...yes they are.   Once, many years ago when my sister and I were sparring over some childish thing I accidentally smacked her in the eye with the box. I was around 10 years old and she was 8. She would always play quietly and act innocent when my parents were around but was extremely annoying when they weren't. Anyway, she made me so angry this one time that I picked up the nearest toy, which was the dreaded Ouija Board, and threw it in her direction. It was a playful toss and I didn't mean to hurt her, but it smacked her just the wrong way.  Was that sarcastic enough?

When I was a kid, Ouija Boards were very popular with the adolescent, and teen-age girls. It was marketed as a game and was considered a toy. I think I got mine as a gift on my 16th birthday. There were probably millions of girls worldwide who had also received an ouija board as a gift. Obviously, Satan had sent legions of demons to Earth to beguile adolescent females into creating a gateway into our plane from the dark netherworld.  Oh, sorry.  There's that sarcasm busting through again but quite honestly, I don't know of anybody, personally, who had ever had any bad experiences with it and I knew lots of kids who had them.

Out of all of the times I used the board, along with all of the times that my friends used their boards, never once did any of us have any inter-dimensional beings, Satanic or otherwise, enter our environment. In fact, none of us, to my knowledge, ever even got any kind of a clear message from anyone, living or dead, except maybe once which I will get into at the end rant.
Now, there are a lot of highly imaginative people in the world and sometimes I think their imaginations run over-time. I am not saying that it isn't possible to make some kind of contact with other dimensions. What I am saying is that contact like that can be made through any kind of inter-dimensional spiritual pursuit, even praying, if it's even possible at all. 

Much has been made from the implications associated with the movie "The Exorcist" and how playing with an ouija board may lead to demonic possession.  First of all, The Exorcist, is not a true story.   Before, The Exorcist, no one ever questioned whether or not the ouija board was a conduit of evil.  At the most, it was considered to be a tool to open up your third eye or to alter your perceptions of reality and of what is possible.  It was never considered to be evil during the 1950's when many homes had one, side by side with Elvis Presley 45's.  That association with evil didn't happen until much later. I've done some anecdotal research about possession, mostly from the Christian point of view, and not one possession that I've read about had to do with using an ouija board.  Those types of possessions may be out there but they're rare.  

So, may I say that you should relax and not think so much about all the holes that Satan and other evil forces are trying to bust through.  The oiuja board is safer then high school football, where 5.5 million youth football players get injured each year.  Are we then to say that football is evil and a conduit of Satan?  What about all those prayers they chant in the locker rooms?  Of course football isn't a conduit for Satan and it would be silly to think so.  Just as silly as thinking that teen-age girls playing with ouija boards is satanic.  

I wonder if the roles were reversed and girls played football and boys played ouija, if football wouldn't get the same kind of press that ouija boards have now.  It seems to me that the female of the species is very attracted to spiritual play, often more so then many males.  It is their natural domain being the nurturers, mothers, and household healers of the world.  I think that if girls and women are attracted to the mysteries of the spirit then we should let them wander around in it.  Even if you look at it from a Christian perspective, why would God give women this interest in things like astrology, tarot, and ouija from a young age if he didn't want them to pursue it?  Yes, there are biblical mysteries but for the most part they are hands-on like other spiritual pursuits are, especially for females who are all but banned from holding high positions in most spiritual doctrines.  

I say, loosen the bridle a little.  Allow your girls to roam freely around her ideas and perceptions of what is possible.  It's okay to give guidance but it's not okay to stifle them.  In the final analysis,  ouija is not a dangerous sport and it's far less dangerous then many of the other sports around.  I'd rather have my kid playing ouija then becoming injured or worse from playing football.


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