Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Cathy Meadows, M. A. Clinical Psychology

Do Voodoo and Black Magic Produce Real Results?

A local TV news station in Deltona, Florida (local 6) carried the following story:

"A burned-looking voodoo doll recently appeared in the yard of Commissioner Zenaida Denizac.A photo of Denizac's face was taped to the doll's head and several pins were stuck in its body. Since the discovery, the sheriff's office has increased its presence outside of Denizac's home and those of other commissioners over the weekend."

Voodoo, huh? Does it work? Is it possible to whammy someone off the face of the earth through mind-power alone, using nothing but thought, emotion, and will?  Absolutely not. Even quantum physics cannot support this concept. For one thing, even if someone had that kind of mind power, and we haven't been able to scientifically prove that anyone has, that person would have to "out-think" everyone else who wants the victim well and healthy.  

It's like a football game. Both teams want to win so much that the players on both teams can imagine it vividly, taste it, and see it in their mind's eye, and yet only one team will win.  Regardless of if the players on both sides pray, cast spells or meditate, there's going to be a loser and a winner.  

Then, on a psychological level, you have the black magic practitioner, whose mind is sometimes filled with dark thoughts for extended periods of time while he/she concentrates on doing ill to others. According to the scientific research, if anyone concentrates intensely on negative thoughts, whether on themselves or on others, for long periods of time, their psychological and physical health will diminish.   Who-so-ever is spending all that time on destructive thinking is the one who's immersing him or herself in negativity and it will be that person who suffers the ill effects. If the victims of diabolical thinking, however, continue to think positively and do lots of kindnesses for others, and don't know or care that you're trying to hurt them, it won't effect them in the least.  

Studies have been done showing that when a person performs a kindness, that person as well as the recipient of the kindness, and anyone who even witnesses the kindness being done, show increases in serotonin (anti-depression) levels, and increases in disease-fighting white corpuscles. This pretty much covers both mental and physical health. 

Of course, the opposite occurs as well. Perform cruel acts and your serotonin levels and white corpuscles will decrease and, over time, will have deleterious effects on your mind and body. We've all read the stories about how black magicians often end up insane and disease-ridden.  Now, we know why.  (Follow the link at the bottom of this page for a more in-depth explanation of this phenomenon.)


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